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Children's Book Illustrator


Chloe Tang is an illustrator and designer who specializes in writing and illustrating children’s books. She wants to help children cultivate their imagination because it is so important and not nearly emphasized enough in today’s society. It is her belief that schools are one of the greatest ways to gain knowledge while art is one of the greatest ways to cultivate imagination. She sets out to bring out joy, empathy, courage, laughter, and creative thought in the young people that read her books because she believes that it will give them not only the tools for a happy and productive life, but the tools needed to create the tools. She also feels very strongly that entertainment for the purpose of entertainment is good for children sometimes. There is no need to have a hidden meaning or lesson in every story. Some parts of her stories and illustrations are just for fun. Having children enjoy her books is just as important to her as anything else.

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